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The Gothenburg based Miss Anthrax started DJing in 2004 and has ever since been playing at nightclubs, festivals and private events.
Miss Anthrax knows how to please the crowd but also how to introduce the latest releases within Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeats, UK music and her favorite – French Urban music.  She has her own style of mixing old classics with new tunes in a unique and seamless way.
Miss Anthrax has warmed up for and played with big international artists like House of pain (US), Spice (JA), Demarco (JA), Donaeo (UK), WSTRN (UK), Stein (JA) as well as for Swedish artists like Dani M, Linda Pira, Aden x Asme, Ricky Rich, Labyrint, Adel, Parham, Aurelia Dey, Etzia, Blizzy and many more.
The most common comment she receives after a show is “I’ve never heard anyone play like that”.

- Expect the unexpected -




Kort Bio:

Med ett helt unikt urval av musik, tighta mixar och med en oändligt kärlek till musiken har Miss Anthrax fått dansgolven att gunga runt om i landet. Med en grund av rykande heta tropiska toner och ruffa beats med tung bas, blandar Miss Anthrax vilt och personligt bland nytt och gammalt inom Hip Hop, Dancehall och Afrobeats. Varmt om hjärtat ligger urban musik ifrån UK och Frankrike vilket märks under hennes spelningar.     - Expect the unexpected.

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